I shouted: "If and only if …", no never mind
For the words I would express would be the wrong ones from the start
and there is no second chance for me this time
I look into my soul but am not certain what I find
I look into my heart and find all that left me behind
I look again and find a light but it's too scared to shine
Time and time again I try, have tried to flow with my own tide
I dived into the sun, followed the butterfly it's flight
I told myself now clime for you can reach those highest heights
but did I reach them? I do not recall
I woke up at the bottom, my hand and feet were tied

I used sharp rocks and my own teeth to untangle the knots
Now you're on your own I said what had been I forgot
I looked towards the moon, then quickly turned away
It cut right through my heart but I refused to cry that day
I turned towards the sun, for one brief moment only
Light my path or fry my skull but don't leave me here lonely
Then I heard a voice, it was the sun, she spoke to me
The sound was omnipresent but I felt I heard it only
Start a walk she said, it will become a journey
Never look behind because ahead is more to see
Try not to be afraid and try to recognize your fears
together with your expectations they're your biggest enemies
Live life to the fullest, you do have the capacity
and when cold darkness surrounds your soul then remember me

So from that day I'm walking, getting where I can
One day I'm an artist the next a traveling salesman
I left my doubts behind though new ones come without a doubt
All I can do is yield, become less humble and less proud
I am my own open ending, the limit is eternity
Around the great fire where dreams are told with great sincerity
Those who seek warmth are joining me.

© 2001-2014 Arne Brasseur